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Everything for your live music needs


Everything for your live music needs.

Live music coordination and management can be a challenge. Relax. Ricky Wise is happy to take the stress out of your life. He will do all the planning and provide any type of live music entertainment for your next event. On our Artists page, please preview the musical projects that Wise is a part of, or the Music page to listen and watch. Any of these groups can be available for you, and are eager to assist. Should you need someone to fill in on the drums or vocals for an event you already have coordinated and booked, Ricky is always prepared. If you would like to check out a live show by one of these acts, please view our Calendar page to see all upcoming happenings. 

Be it a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event, or a concert you’re trying to put on, Ricky Wise and his bands are exactly what you have been looking for.

Your life needs music.